Nurtured Nutrition

Paediatric and women's health dietitian

What We Do

Women's Health Nutrition


· Lactation nutrition and support

· Maternal elimination diet for breastfed babies with food allergies and intolerances

· Nutritional management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

· Gestational diabetes

· Weight management

· Preconception nutrition

· Irritable bowel syndrome using the low FODMAP diet

Paediatric Nutrition


· Infant feeding (breast or formula)

· Introduction to family foods 

· Growth concerns (both faltering growth and for overweight/obesity)

· Fussy eating/food aversion

· General nutrition for children

· Nutritional management of constipation

· Food allergies and intolerances

· Nutritional management of medical conditions

Why Vanessa loves working with families


As a mother of two children, Vanessa has experienced first-hand the challenges that come with feeding children. One of Vanessa's children had food allergies and she had to exclude dairy from her diet while breastfeeding. Additionally, they struggled with fussy eating and food refusal leading to stressful mealtimes. This led Vanessa to build on her dietetic knowledge and find solutions that work. She is encouraged to share her wealth of knowledge with other families in similar situations to bring back joy to meal times.